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Inox Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Inox Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Southeast Architectural Solutions is proud to announce our new relationship with Inox. Inox specializes in providing unique hardware solutions combining harmonious designs and finishes while maintaining high quality commercial products.

Their most unique solutions are in the world of sliding doors. If you are not used to hearing terms like “entry function sliding door locks” you are NOT alone! But rest assured, the demand for this product is hot and the message will be spreading like wild fire. We are very excited to offer these products to our distributor partners.

The Inox line of sliding door hardware is a perfect solution for hospitality and assisted living projects. A true commercial grade quality, ADA complaint, multiple functions all for a competitive price these types of projects require.

We will be sharing a lot about these sliding door solutions with you over the next few weeks but wanted to provide you with some general information now. Take a look at these features that are now available for commercial sliding doors, sliding pocket doors and sliding barn doors.

BD4000 Barn Door Privacy Lock

Simple elegant privacy lock for barn door openings

Discreet emergency release button

ADA thumb turn available

Several trim and finish options


PD5000/PD8000 Sliding Pocket Door Locks

Commercial grade

Flush Pulls for pocket doors

Surface pulls for sliding/barn doors

Several trim & finish options



PD9000 Sliding Pocket Door Locks


Unique design provides locking entry function

Emergency egress with one single action

Meets ADA code compliance

Several trim & finish options





The popularity of sliding doors will not go away anytime soon. Architects and owners are not willing to give up the floor space gained by specifying this application over traditional swinging doors easily.

Traditionally, sliding barn door hardware has been very limited.  Inox has created innovative and beautiful solutions with their Inox sliding barn door hardware offerings.

Feel free to reach out for additional information, literature or samples.  You can reach me at


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